Less Lethal Instructor Course

POST Plan IV reimbursable

COURSE DESCRIPTION:This 30 hour Less Lethal Instructor Course will provide peace officers who have been assigned to instruct within their organization, the knowledge, legal deployment understanding, and tactical techniques to use Less Lethal (including Chemical Agents) in a Mobile Field Force setting safely and effectively. This course will also cover AB48 requirements and compliance. “THIS COURSE PROVIDES UPDATED LEGISLATIVE CONTENT PER PC 835(a).”

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  • The following Munitions
  • 10 (40mm) kinetic energy munitions
  • 15 (12 gauge) beanbag type munitions
  • 25 (Pepperball type) munitions – Can be inert
  • 40mm launcher utilized by your department (single or multi-shot)
  • Less Lethal Shotgun utilized by your department (recommended to have a mounted optic)
  • Any Irritant Filled Projectile Launching System (Example: SA200, Tippman FT-12, etc.)
  • Ballistic Helmet  (what you would wear during Mobile Field Force activation)
  • Gas Mask / Air Purifying Respirator and an Extra Filter (training filter will suffice)
  • Hearing Protection (that can be worn with a gas mask/APR)
  • Eye Protection
  • Nomex Type Gloves (or heat resistant gloves)
  • Tactical Uniform and boots or other appropriate clothing
  • Laptop or iPad/Tablet / Notepad / iPhone / Pen or Pencil to take notes
  • Inclement Weather Gear (coats, sunscreen, etc.)
  • DON’T BRING – Rifles, “Kits”, Body Armor, etc.

If unable to provide any of the above listed equipment, please contact Phil Myers at
(928)-614-0964 or philmyers367@gmail.com

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