Chemical Agent Instructor Course

POST Plan IV reimbursable

Course description:

This 40-hour POST approved chemical agent instructor course is an extensive dive into the tactical use of chemical agents. During the course, students will be introduced to the following:

1. Major chemical agent’s manufacturer devices
2. Delivery systems & launchers
3. Tactical deployment techniques
4. Mobile field force grenadier considerations
5. Legal and liability aspects
6. Instructing techniques
7. Tactical chemical agent deployments debriefed by SWAT members who participated in the incident

Each student will be exposed to chemical agents throughout the course in a “crawl, walk, run method”. Course attendees will be “hands on” with modern delivery systems and chemical agent devices. The final exam consists of a 5-minute presentation and a pass/fail written exam. See the link below for required equipment and munitions needed for the course.

Required Equipment

  • The Following Munitions – 2 Ferrets and 2 Handheld Chemical Agent Munitions  (CTS #5230B preferred)
  • 40mm Chemical Agent Launcher 
  • Gas Mask/Air Purifying Respirator and an Extra Filter (training filter will suffice)
  • Hearing Protection (that can be worn with a gas mask/APR)
  • Nomex Gloves (or heat resistant gloves)
  • Eye Protection
  • Tactical Uniform and boots or other appropriate clothing
  • Laptop or iPad/Tablet – for digital manual access – See below in RED
  • Inclement Weather Gear (coats, sunscreen, etc.)
  • DON’T BRING – Rifles, “Kits”, Body Armor, etc.
NOTE: Students will need a smart device in order to read/access the digital version of the CAI Manual. No hard copies of the manual will be provided.